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Energy Healing Boot Camp 

There is no better time than NOW to commit to your healing, growth, and alignment with your highest self

What is the Energy Healing Boot Camp?

  • A way to try all of Danielle's exclusive offerings at a discounted price

  • A deep dive into self-development work for those who are ready to make significant and long lasting transformation. 

  • A guided, yet flexibly scheduled, program to ensure you meet your wellness goals at the right pace for you

  • Bridging the gap between Western and Eastern modalities of wellness for the ultimate healing process


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Who is this program for?

  • This program is for the souls who have awakened to the truth there is more than just a physical reality, there is also an energetic reality. 

  • This is for the souls who have begun their journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth, but are currently feeling stagnant or stuck. 

  • This is for the souls who are transitioning in their life, and shedding old layers in order to step into alignment with their authentic being.

  • This is for the souls who need guidance on how to let go of limiting beliefs and deeply heal once and for all.

  • This is for the souls who are ready to fully commit to their evolution, release stored blocks within their physical body, energetic body, and the mind, and align with their full potential. 

  • This is for the souls who know they were born for a reason, and that is to align with their highest selves.

This energy healing boot camp is a call to action for those who are looking for discipline, motivation, and support as they self-heal, evolve, and expand.  


If this sounds like you, welcome. I am honored to assist you on this sacred journey of transformation and realignment.

When I first started my spiritual awakening journey in my freshman year of high school, I would have thought I was going crazy, if it weren’t for the full body resonance that what I was experiencing was absolute truth. 


The new found awareness, loss of friendships, shedding of old layers, realization of my inner power, spiritual experiences, and all the other divine side effects of spiritual growth were overwhelming me, and I felt I had no one to turn to for guidance. 


Fast forward to 2019 - 2020 when I discovered ITA Energy Medicine and started receiving alignments regularly. Wow! The soul growth I experienced in such a short amount of time was dizzying. In the span of just a few months, I healed my eating disorder, dropped out of college, started a copywriting business, and became an ITA Energy Medicine practitioner. In the span of just a few years I started a podcast, went back to college with a completely different major, graduated with a 4.0, got Wellness Counseling certified from Cornell University, and was asked to run an Equine Assisted Counseling program… and that was just the external effects. Inside was a whole other story. For as within, so without. It all begins with an energetic shift and reframed mindset. 


Bottom line, I was not the same Danielle after receiving the energetic alignments, mentorship from my practitioner, and access to a spiritual community from all around the world (shout out to Melaney Ryan and the ITA community!)


Seven years later from the start of my journey, I am in awe of the transformation that took place, and the bread crumbs I surrendered to following along the way - always leading me down the path of inner healing and evolution. 


A key lesson I learned so far is the power of discipline, community, and seeking guidance from fellow lightworkers. We truly are all one, and the more we fuel unity, the more we heal and evolve. 


With these lessons, experiences, and shared wisdom in mind, I created this Energy Healing Boot Camp to allow others to experience the magic that I have. 


If you are feeling called to deepen your expansion and expedite your growth, I welcome you to the program that will change it all.

With light and love, 

Danielle Leigh Lanteri



What's Included



Wellness Counseling Session - 45 minutes

  • Client-directed psychotherapy session that focuses on self-healing, self-realization, and personal development. 

  • Through acceptance, non-judgement, honest expression, and vulnerability, we get to the root cause of your offsets and equip you with the tools necessary to not just survive, but thrive through this human experience. 

  • Whether you are currently going through a challenging time in life, in a transition period, looking for extra support, desiring to gain deeper clarity, or you are looking to uplevel and align with the highest version of yourself, this program is designed to meet your goals where you are and equip you with the tools to soar.


ITA Energy Medicine Alignment - 60-90 minutes

  • With an ITA treatment we can identify the root cause of an imbalance, locate it, and realign it through systematic, energetic techniques to achieve long lasting results.

  • ITA uses the knowledge of how our energy systems are interconnected with our physical systems, and how the mind interplays with both the energetic and physical systems, in order to help you achieve balance and harmony between your energetic, physical, psychological and emotional aspects of self. 

  • Even remotely, Danielle can help you self-heal by energetically aligning your energy systems.


ITA Lifecycles Mentoring Session - 45 minutes

  • Life moves in a series of cycles. The more present we are in each moment of life, the more we learn and accomplish in each cycle. You will find tools here to help you gain greater clarity, insight, and directorship as you move through these cycles.

  • The aim of this program is to help you recognise why challenges present in your life and to empower you to work through them with greater awareness, ease, and grace.


Tool Kit Mastermind *NEW* - 45 minutes

  • Only being offered during the Energy Healing Boot Camp, this session is designed to teach you the top traditional therapeutic AND energetic tools to help you cultivate well-rounded, long-lasting healing. 

  • The tools you learn in this session are specific to your needs and can be used over and over again to solidify and deepen your self-development. 

  • Examples of these tools are: EFT tapping, grounding with the earth, visualization meditation, cognitive reframing, mindfulness, and more!


2 Group Counseling Calls - 90 minutes each

  • There is nothing as inspiring as a community of like minded souls! 

  • These group calls bookend the boot camp in order to equip you with the community and support system to maximize your experience and healing. 

  • By sharing your goals, challenges, epiphanies, and more in a group session, you will gain both motivation and new perspectives to help you on your self-development journey. 

  • These calls will be recorded for those who cannot make the session live and emailed to all Boot Camp members.

Investment in your inner growth

Danielle’s Energy Healing Bootcamp contains

OVER $700 worth of value

for JUST $444


  • accepted forms of payment: Venmo and Zelle (PayPal available to non U.S. clients)

  • full payment due by June 16th

Scheduling & Dates

  • Flexible scheduling is offered by contacting Danielle directly

  • Program runs for a total of 6 weeks 

  • All sessions take place on Zoom 

  • Date of group calls TBA to ensure it aligns with the a schedule of the majority 

  • Click the link below to join the waitlist!

Limited space available

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