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ITA Lifecycles Mentoring Program 

Description + Information

Life moves in a series of cycles. The more present we are in each moment of life, the more we learn and accomplish in each cycle. You will find tools here to help you gain greater clarity, insight, and directorship as you move through these cycles.


The aim of this program is to help you recognise why challenges present in your life and to empower you to work through them with greater awareness, ease, and grace.


We are not here by accident, in the wrong place, at the wrong time or in the wrong body. The reason we are here is to master the human experience. Acceptance of the self in this moment means we can begin to develop into a fuller expression of our unique greatness.


The Lifecycles Mentoring program covers these main concepts:

  • The higher soul / The incarnated soul

  • Understanding that life moves in a series of cycles

  • What is truth?

  • How to meet our tests and challenges as they present

  • Belief systems

  • Achieving directorship of our life experience

  • The ‘I Am’ and the ‘I Am Not’

  • The role of thought and learning how to monitor the thoughts

  • Roleplaying

  • Finding inner joy


In the last section of the program we cover simple ways to connect with your personal energy systems and develop an understanding of how to bring your body into balance.

This includes:

  • Cultivating stability, clarity, connectedness and mindfulness, finding your inner channel and central balance

  • How to maximize our personal essence to fuel the ‘I Am’

  • How to balance stress and anxiety


This program seeks to offer you a comprehensive approach to allow further clarity and empowerment in moving forward in your life with its constant flow of cycles.


There is infinite love and opportunity that surround us every day. However, it is up to us to take charge and open ourselves up to it. We no longer need to learn through suffering. We can integrate lessons through love. 


The time to take charge of your healing is now!


This is the inner work that will not only change your life, but change the world.


This application of energy understanding is taken from the Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) System of Energy Medicine developed by Melaney Ryan, of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness. All rights reserved.


Danielle’s Lifecycle Mentoring options are as follows:

  • One 45 minute session - $88 USD 

  • Five 45 minute sessions - $400 USD (save $40)


All sessions are offered via zoom

Contact Danielle to schedule an ITA Lifecycles Mentoring session

Note: Filling out scheduling form does NOT require payment, and time slot can always be adjusted. It is there to collect information. 

Email with any questions that may arise.

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