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imperfect circle

It's the realization that hurts the most,

The moment in which you realize that you are not invincible.

When you try to wave your hand and turn a pumpkin into a carriage,

You realize that fairytales aren’t real,

And it hurts.

When you fall off your bike after finally having the courage to take off the training wheels,

You realize that mommy’s hugs won’t stop the doctor from giving you stitches,

And it hurts.

When you fail a test after studying all night long,

You realize that putting your mind to something doesn’t always mean you will achieve it.

And it hurts.

When rumors float around the halls and your name gets dragged through the mud,

You realize that people are used to putting others down to make themselves feel better.

And it hurts.

And when you watch children your age cry at a podium because their friends died in school,

You realize that the world isn’t safe.

And it hurts.

But every time that you get up and try again,

You realize that you may not be invincible,

But something even greater,


When you realize fairytales aren’t real,

You learn to see the magic in the ordinary.

When you get back on the bike despite the busted elbow,

You learn to push through the pain and never give up.

When you continue to crave knowledge despite failing a test,

You learn to never define yourself by a number.

When you let the words of others roll of your back,

You learn to place more value on your own opinion of yourself.

When you form together as a community and proactively seek change,

You learn that there is more good in the world than bad,

And that there is a war to be won,

The war being life,

And having resilience in your pocket is far greater

Than having a


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