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Survival of the Happiest

Updated: May 6, 2020

I am starting to unravel the knot that is life, and I think I have discovered one of its true meanings.

I know. Bold statement. Hear me out.

It (life) is all about being: being present, being honest, being open, and being yourself. As we, human beings, became more advanced, we lost sight of our pure inclinations.

We are not meant to do anything else besides live; it has been programmed into our DNA. Our ancestors hunted in order to eat, mated in order to procreate, rested in order to recharge. And somewhere along the way, they learned how to laugh, how to play, how to form connections. That has also been programed into our DNA: being happy. If we were not happy, we would not have wanted to live, hunt, and procreate.

We are meant to live long, happy lives.

Yet for some reason, we taught ourselves to distrust our instincts, the parts of us that crave adventure and freedom. We tricked ourselves into believing that our lives need to be structured and calculated, organized and planned, mapped out and stressed over. When did we start to feel normal under pressure? I am not sure if it is just me, but I get truly uncomfortable when I am relaxing and I have little worries. It’s as if I became comfortable with being in a place of anxiety.

Life is not meant to be so hard. I read somewhere that 90% of our hardships are self-inflicted. Obviously illness and suffering happen in life that cannot be controlled, but I feel that we would all benefit from a little soul searching.

Ask yourself: Am I truly down-to-my-core happy? Why? Why not? What are my passions; what makes my soul come alive? Am I chasing those goals? Why? Why not? Where do I see myself in 5 years? Is that the person I want to be? Why? Why not? Am I seeing and doing all of the things my younger self said I was going to do? Why? Why not?

We all have one shot at this thing. We all have hard times and set backs and bad days. We also all have the potential to achieve greatness. We were put into existence for a reason, and we have a lot more power within us then we are even capable of understanding.

I feel as if the true key to living is to just be. Be spontaneous. Be outgoing and kind. Be strong. Be relentless and brave. Be trustworthy. Be honest and true. Be a friend, a lover, a sister or a brother. But most importantly, be a person. Be unique; become the person you dreamed you would be, and become the person you didn’t even realize you wanted to be.

We only have the now and the life we were given, so please, listen. Let go of the expectations, the obsessions, and the “rules” of the world. Find comfort in knowing that your life is going to pan out exactly how it is supposed to and that you were meant to be nothing else but happy, so please never sacrifice your joy.

With love and light,

Dee xo


Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading my midnight rambles about existence and purpose. I know I am young and have only scratched the surface of “the meaning of life,” but my ambition to share my thoughts with others transcends all reason. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening. My only is hope is to inspire, or at least put a smile on a face during a hectic day.

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