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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Life has a funny way of showing you who you are.

You can think you want something, or know something, or be something.

You could believe it with your whole heart.

But then you see something, hear something, or read something,

and your perspective shifts.

You realize that you don’t want straight A’s if it means sacrificing your mental health.

You realize that you still don’t know the path you want to take in life.

You realize that who you want to become has to be for no one else but yourself.

Life has a funny way of steering you in the wrong direction.

It hands you a broken compass in the form of societal expectations that turn into daily affirmations.

It hands you a rulebook in a language that everyone speaks but no ones knows the translations to.

It hands you a trick mirror, which you look into everyday so you eventually learn to dislike the reflection.

Life keeps telling you to make a right until you don’t even realize that you are going in a circle.

The weird this is,

life does these things to test you.

To see if you are strong enough to break the cycle and make that left.

To throw away the compass, burn the book, and shatter the mirror.

Life wants you to challenge it.

To realize its deceit and yell at it.

It may seem like life gets in the way of living,

that life is doing you wrong,

but life happens to be the most misunderstood mystery of the universe.

Life is actually cheering you on.

No one that has ever accomplished greatness had an easy road.

Life is giving you the obstacles that you need to turn it into success.

Life is making itself out to be the villain in order to motivate you.

Life has a funny way of showing you who you are.

It makes you fight it.

It bullies you into taking a stand.

It makes you question everything in order to show you answers.

In order to show you that you have had the answers all along.

That you didn’t need a compass,

or a rulebook,

or a mirror.

That the only true tour guide

is your soul.

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