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I use traditional Mental Health Counseling, ITA Energy Medicine, and Lifecycles Mentoring to assist you in self-healing, alignment, and evolution.

How? By providing a rich and thorough invitation for your self-healing and ascension based on your 3 minds, energy systems, and growing cycles. Using all 3 aspects gets to the root cause of offsets and transmutes them at the source. 


How to know if this work is for you?


Human life is an opportunity for our souls to experience and learn what we have not yet mastered. The human body is the vessel that allows us to experience this journey of evolution, and this vessel is a complicated one, made up of not just physical systems but also energetic systems. And understanding how these systems interact with each other and the human mind is the key to uprooting blocks and trauma so we can self-heal and realign with our higher selves. 

I truly believe that this is the inner work that will inevitably change the world. Through healing yourself, you cause a ripple effect into the collective consciousness and end up healing the world as well. 

The only requirement for this work is that you show up open, ready to receive, and ready to put in the work. 

If your soul is feeling called to learn more, continue browsing below.

My Services:

ITA Energy Medicine Alignments 

With an ITA treatment we can identify the root cause of an imbalance, locate and balance it through systematic techniques, and achieve self-healing, transformation, and long lasting results.


ITA uses the knowledge of how our energy systems are interconnected with our physical systems, and how the mind interplays with both the energetic and physical systems, in order to help individuals achieve balance and harmony between their energetic, physical, psychological and emotional aspects of self. 

ITA Life Cycles Mentoring

Life moves in a series of cycles. The more present we are in each moment of life, the more we learn and accomplish in each cycle. You will find tools here to help you gain greater clarity, insight, and directorship as you move through these cycles.


The aim of this program is to help you recognise why challenges present in your life and to empower you to work through them with greater awareness, ease, and grace.

Wellness Counseling



Through the chats we had, the homecare I was given (and did), and the ITA alignments; I was able to de-stress and overcome  my limiting beliefs. Danielle has truly helped me to be calmer in life and even experience living life stress-free. If you’re curious to know if this is the right program for you, trust me that it absolutely is!

— Samantha, 21


“I had no idea what ITA was before I started, but from that first alignment I knew it was going to change my life. I have never felt more grounded and aligned, and I am genuinely falling in love with myself. Thank you thank you thank Danielle!!”

- Amanda, 27

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