Meet Danielle!

Hello beautiful soul! Thank you joining me in this space. I am Danielle Lanteri, a writer, ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner, mental health counselor, and a passionate empath. 

After studying journalism at New York University, I was divinely lead towards the path of studying energy medicine, psychology, and meditation.


I am currently studying Mahat Meditation and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) directly from Melaney Ryan, founder of ITA Energy Medicine, Mahat Meditation and the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness, in addition to earning my PhD in psychology. 


My purpose  is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality by using both Western and Eastern modalities to teach beautiful souls, like yourself, tools for self-healing, alignment, and transformation. And through the work energy medicine and psychology, I have been able to do just that. 

My greatest joy has come from sharing my knowledge and channeled wisdom to assist others in awakening to the power they hold within and healing the root cause of their offsets and misalignments. 


I am beyond grateful to share this space with you. My hope is for you to leave this online community feeling more balanced within your energetic and physical bodies, aligned with your higher self, and empowered to continue your journey of self-development and self-healing. 


Sending infinite love and light from my soul to yours.

Let's Break it Down!

ITA/COUNSELING is where you can find information about my offerings: ITA Energy Medicine Alignments, subconscious mind rewiring, and other works designed to help you self-heal. 

HIGHER SELF LIBRARY is my 100% FREE library of resources, crafted to help you create consistency when taking aligned action towards raising your vibration, aligning with your higher self, and elevating your consciousness. 

PODCAST holds the link to my show, The Stars Are Calling You, where you can tune in every week to hear about the deep topics that will help you ascend higher, remember divine truths, step into your authentic power, and change the world one vibration at a time.

​BLOG is where I will be sharing my written works crafted with the intention of enlightening, inspiring, and uplifting curious souls on their journey of remembering their truth.

BOOKCLUB will be links to the works that have helped me evolve in my spiritual and self development journey. 

I hope this space will give you a new perspective, teach you powerful tools for self-healing, and help you reestablish alignment with your higher self. Happy browsing! I am sending you as much light and love as I possibly can through the screen. I hope you can feel it. 

With love and light, 

Danielle xx