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About Danielle


My Journey

Thank you for joining me in this space. I am Danielle Leigh Lanteri, a Wellness Counselor, ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner, podcast host, and self-development author. 

My background:

  • B.A. in Psychology from Stony Brook University - top of class with a 4.0

  • Wellness Counseling Certification from Cornell University 

  • ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner at the Tier 2 level 

  • Active learner of Mahat Meditation

My mission:

With a background studying traditional Westernized Psychology, Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA), and Mahat meditation directly from the founder of the MRIAC, my mission is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality by using both Western and Eastern modalities. 

Through blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques, my goal is to assist others in awakening to the power they hold within themselves to heal the root causes of their offsets and misalignments. 

Through competence and compassion, I help my clients learn the tools to self-heal, rewire their subconscious mind, transform their mindsets, and co-create a life of alignment.

My why:

It was through the intuitive bending of those modalities that I was able to heal myself, both internally and externally.


Through experience and action, I have learned first hand the importance of both energy work and psychology, for I would not be where I am today without them. 

Thank you

I am beyond grateful to share this space with you. My hope is for you to leave this online community feeling more balanced within your energetic and physical bodies, aligned with your higher self, and empowered to continue your journey of self-development and self-healing. 


Sending infinite love and light from my soul to yours.

- Danielle xx

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