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The Stars Are Calling You Podcast

Are you on your journey of self-development? Are you awakening to the fact that there is something greater than this physical reality? Are you ready to step into alignment with your highest self? Then the stars have called you here. With your host, Danielle Leigh Lanteri, an ITA Energy Medicine practitioner, Holistic Mental Health Counselor, intuitive empath, and spiritual writer, every week this show dives deep into topics designed to help you align with your true and highest self, raise your frequency and vibration, learn the tools to help you self-heal, rewire your subconscious mind, transform your mindsets, and co-create the life of your dreams. Danielle’s mission is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, and this podcast is for the souls who are ready to ascend higher, step into their authentic power, and change the world one vibration at a time. You have been called here for a reason; now it’s time to find out why… 

This show is an extension of my being and an embodiment of my heart. I have never felt more aligned and in my power than when speaking these universal truths, channeled wisdom, and personal recounts into my mic. My hope is that I am able to offer you a safe space to get deep and introspective about topics that will inevitably help you grow into your highest evolvement. 


I am beyond honored to start connecting with you on an even deeper level as we explore what it really means to awaken and evolve as fractals of source experiencing a human existence. And if you have any questions or topic suggestions, please email me! I would love to dive deep into your own personal inquiries as well.

Listen NOW on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Overcast, Castro, Castbox, and Podfriend!

New episodes live EVERY Tuesday at 5am EST!

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