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Client Success Stories

energy medicine at work
“Danielle is an instinctual and elemental healer with so much to give. What sets her apart from other energy workers is how much she also absorbs and soaks up from her clients; every time I work with her I feel like we are learning from one another and speaking mutualistically on a soul level. During sessions, you can see her brain and her soul communicating as you tell her your story and she creates the perfect recipe for which areas of your physiology need rekindling. She is both calculated and mutable, she is intelligent and thorough, and above all else, she is loving and kind. Danielle has helped heal me in the last year of my life, she has served as a reminding voice in the reclamation of my power, and I am positive that anyone who meets her will feel closer to the light of life just by being around her.”

Olivia, ITA Energy Medicine & Wellness Counseling Client

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