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Client Success Stories

“Danielle is an instinctual and elemental healer with so much to give. What sets her apart from other energy workers is how much she also absorbs and soaks up from her clients; every time I work with her I feel like we are learning from one another and speaking mutualistically on a soul level. During sessions, you can see her brain and her soul communicating as you tell her your story and she creates the perfect recipe for which areas of your physiology need rekindling. She is both calculated and mutable, she is intelligent and thorough, and above all else, she is loving and kind. Danielle has helped heal me in the last year of my life, she has served as a reminding voice in the reclamation of my power, and I am positive that anyone who meets her will feel closer to the light of life just by being around her.”

Olivia, ITA Energy Medicine & Wellness Counseling Client

“Energy work with Danielle Lanteri has been a guiding right back to myself. Not only has ITA energy medicine allowed me to solidify the practices in my life that make me feel deeply present and joyful, but I continue to learn how to show up for my truest and most beautiful self through the teachings of this beautiful guide. I cannot recommend Danielle enough and will continue to lift her voice and spirit up to anyone I know that desires alignment on a deep and transformative level.”

Carley, ITA Energy Medicine & Wellness Counseling Client

“I would first like to say a big thank you to Danielle for all she has taught me about ITA energy. I started the process not knowing anything about ITA. I didn’t even know if it would work for me but I was open to learning more and open to reflecting on where I was energy-wise. I honestly didn’t realize how beneficial ITA would be for me but it has seriously helped reduce my stress levels. I started this process with Danielle as I began my self care journey after neglecting myself for a long time to the point where I got sick from all of the stress. Through the chats we had, the home care I was given (and did) and the ITA alignments; I was able to destress and overcome some of my limiting beliefs. Danielle truly helped me to be calmer in life and even experience loving life stress free. If you’re curious to know if this is the right program for you, trust me that it absolutely is! Once again, thank you so much to Danielle and I hope that you can experience the amazing benefits of ITA too.”

Sam, ITA Energy Medicine & Wellness Counseling Client

"Working with Danielle has been transformational in so many different ways for me. I find that Danielle always has a very grounded & intuitive sense of what is truly going on "beneath the surface" in any problem or situation I bring to her. She looks at things from a point of view that I hadn't thought of and her insight brings new color and perspective to my life. Our sessions together are incredibly healing and in the days and weeks following, I notice myself subconsciously acting in healthier ways. I am deeply grateful to have found Danielle; her work is incredibly well thought-out and intentioned."

Dani, ITA Energy Medicine & Wellness Counseling Client

"I received my first ITA alignment from Danielle and from beginning to end I felt so guided and supported. Danielle’s gift of compassion and intelligence makes her such an amazing practitioner. I felt so fully seen and understood. I love Danielle’s holistic approach and her desire to think outside the box for optimal healing. If you have been searching to deepen your relationship with yourself, the world and energy work you need her magic!"

Julia, ITA Energy Medicine Client

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