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Conscious Marketing Services

I use marketing psychology and energy medicine to help female business owners create abundance through alignment.

How? Three ways:

1. By releasing the energetic blocks to your abundance, self-worth, and aligned business growth.

2. Creating a targeted content and marketing strategy founded in psychological and energetic principles. 

3. Getting my hands dirty and creating compelling copy, website design, and social media content for your business. 

Are you intrigued

Imagine the business you have dreamed of! You are attracting abundance while genuinely helping others, and you feel good while doing it. 


That reality is already yours. If you're not seeing it, that's because you currently have energetic blocks preventing you from aligning with that reality. 


It’s like you are talking into a camera that has never been turned on and wondering why no one is seeing you and your epic offer. 


By working with me, you will release those stored blocks and learn how to generate wealth and business growth with ease. (Hint: living your mission is supposed to feel easy) 


I found a way to use both marketing psychology and energy medicine to help you scale your business and income. All without feeling schemy. 


And that is through my conscious, aligned marketing framework.


Allow me to help you help the world.

Energy Alignments

ITA Energy Medicine alignments designed to get to the root cause of your blocks & limiting beliefs and release them from the source, so you can step into alignment, empowerment, and success. 

     $155 per 90 min session



High impact consultation sessions for everything from birthing a new idea, social media content creation, podcasting, blogging, email marketing, generating work-of-mouth buzz, marketing research and analytics, etc!

     $100 an hour


Website Design

THE WORKS: Customized, tailored website design from the ground up, giving your service a space to shine! Max 4 pages, excluding home page. 

     $1400 | every additional page is +$75

REFRESH: Tune up an already existing website to increase conversions and showcase your authentic brand!



Content Creation

MOMENTUM:  Instagram / Facebook audit, new bio, color and font scheme, how to create reels crash course, and 2 sample posts. 


CREATION: ​2 posts and 2 reels a week. Plus 25 Instagram / Facebook story ideas per month

      $1000 a month 

MANAGEMENT: Social Media management and content creation.

Active on stories 5 days a week, posting 3-4x a week, responding to engagements, staying on top of algorithm shifts and current trends.

     $2000 a month 



High SEO copy that converts, using psychology and marketing research data.  


Blogs / newsletters: $60 per 250 words


Product / service descriptions: $45 per description 


 "About me" pages: $100 


Instagram and Facebook captions: $25 a caption


Podcast Editing

Podcasts with high quality audio, no more "umm," and a cohesive flow.

     $45 per 30 minutes of audio 


Apply for abundance

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