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Are you experiencing any of the following? 

  • Decreased self-worth,

  • Social isolation, 

  • Jealousy and envy, 

  • Body image issues, 

  • Negative self-talk, 

  • Lack of assertiveness, 

  • Feeling in a rut?


In the quiet sanctuary of your inner self, discover the path to liberate your mind from the shackles of comparison and unworthiness. This Guided Meditation for Overcoming Comparison and Improving Self-Esteem is a meticulously crafted healing experience that gracefully guides you toward self-acceptance, gently dissolving the toxic habit of measuring yourself against others.


With gentle guidance, it directs your focus inward, fostering a balanced perspective that transcends comparison.


Through deliberate practice, you'll embark on a journey of self-acceptance, where authentic self-esteem flourishes as you release the need for external validation.


Through consistent engagement with this guided meditation, you will embark on a profound journey toward self-empowerment.


Elevate Your Self-Esteem – Begin Your Transformation Today

Meditation for Comparison and Self-Esteem

$15.00 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
  • Details

    Time: 23:45 minutes

    Files: MP3

  • Copyright

    © 2023 Danielle Leigh Lanteri, Corp. All rights reserved. 

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